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We are the Geodesy for Earth system science (GESS) research Group at Interdisciplinary Centre for Water Research (ICWaR) at the Indian Institute of Science (IISC). Our group is interested in using Earth observation data for monitoring and understanding the changes in the Earth system. Our core expertise is in processing and using geodetic datasets, such as GRACE, GNSS and altimetry, in tandem with other Earth observation datasets/models for mapping various surface processes that are related to climate change and human activities.

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Latest publication

We have recently developed a data-driven geophysical framework that employs GRACE satellite gravimetry and GPS vertical land motion data to separate present day mass changes from slow solid Earth mass changes due to visco-elastic response of the Earth to glacial cycles. This provides us with data-driven estimate of GIA that is significantly different over Alaska and Greenland. We hope that the new GIA field will advance our understanding of the sea level budget and Greenland mass changes.

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Group news

  • We are excited to share that Dr. Arindan Mandal will visit AI4EO lab at TU Munich, Germany, as an exchange researcher under the Beyond Fellowship scheme. Huge congratulations to Arindan.

  • Balaram Shaw has been granted the prestigeous Prime Ministers Research fellowship for his PhD. We wish him all the best.